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My Goals

One of my goals is to bring some fiscal sanity and practicality back to City Hall.  Calgary taxpayers deserve a break from high spending city Councillors who spend more time talking and less time doing. Just a few weeks ago, council did nothing but keep talking as residents were snowed in and snow removal fell short of acceptable measures.

Why did this happen? We need to focus more effort on economic development, not painting over murals, and we need to spend more time attracting businesses, and less time trying to justify decisions. If people have jobs, and businesses can survive, our economy will once again grow.

It is also time to set term limits on Councillors and the Mayor.

City politicians can save taxpayers an enormous amount of time and money when they focus on roads, sewers, and basic city services. Add as opposed to what happens now whereby politicians tell every one else or level of government how to do their job. It is time for people to stay in their own lane.

As Councillor of Ward 3, here are some issues that I will address:

Fix the 7-year-old tax problem, conduct a forensic organizational review of all departments, address the assessment system imbalances, and introduce term limits for elected officials in Calgary.

My full campaign platform will be posted as we get closer to election day.